It’s Tough Being Better than Everyone Else.

Today, there’s a niche group for everything—and probably an enthusiast magazine to fill hobbyists in on the latest development in their obscure interest group. But that doesn’t quite satisfy the enthusiasts desire to be an ambassador—to search out a friend who shares their refined pallet. With the vast but connected world of the interest fellow aficionados are never far off—but what about people who aren’t on your computer screen? What if your neighbor also secretly collects Leave it to Beaver memorabilia and longs for a kindred spirit to share it with?

Luckily, meeting people with shared interests just got a lot easier, with hicup!

There are a few common interests that can full of nuance to the seasoned professional—unfortunately they’re not common enough to always have a friend to talk about it with.  Just imagine–the oenophilist has longed to discuss the intricacies of a fine wine with someone other than her Labrador. When she asks at a party, “Oh have your tried this Pinot from the Burgundy region?” she longs to hear her new friend say, “Yes! And weren’t the tannins too strong?” And they will weep together, tears of joy and understanding, right there in the middle of the ballroom. This of course, is a day dream, but what if that dream could become a reality large inflatable water slides?

Likewise, the classic Car enthusiast has tinkered endlessly on his vintage Citroën DS, buffing a Best goals ever? Take a look at five of the grea san diego driving school long-range goals ever scored at a World Cup finals. perfect sheen into the carefully lacquered finish. His friends think it looks “neat,” his kids think it looks “old,” he wants only to meet someone who will think the baby gleaming in the garage under a protective tarp “Deserves it’s title as the most beautiful car of all time!” That it is a “magnificent achievement in the world of engineering! And is most definitely a site to see.” Sure he goes to the car shows casino and enjoys meeting the folk as they crowd around his prized possession, but he sure wishes he didn’t always have to drive from Texas to Kentucky.

The foodie’s no different. Her pallet ranges from arugula to snails. Her family is relieved that at least she can enjoy a good steak, but they just don’t understand when she insists that bacon-infused whiskey is divine. At her favorite up-scale café she savors every bite, but wishes someone other than the chef could appreciate the way the ginger lime glaze contrasts with the Hawaiian sea salt on the brussels sprouts. She knows a lot of people who love a good meal, but she’s looking for something more.

The museum of modern art is a lonely place indeed, especially when the extent of the art connoisseur’s partner’s vocabulary on art critique is “That’s … interesting.” He longs to hear the rise and fall of inflection as a passionate art critic analyzes the colors in a Matisse, and the lines of a Chagall. It doesn’t help that he lives in rural Ohio. But he’s been telling himself he can’t be the only person in Loudonville who identifies with Van Gogh.

The cigar aficionado knows a good cigar when she smells one, and wishes she knew someone else who did. As much as she wishes for the finest hand-rolled Cuban cigar, she longs for someone to share the joy of this luxurious treat with, someone who won’t send her to the garage so she won’t stink up the house. She blows a white puff into the crisp air and wishes someone would complement her smoke ring.

Like the rest, the film buff has been pursuing his interests alone. Sitting in his dark cave—in optimal viewing conditions—he invents conversations in which he wows a friend with his discussion of the finer details of Hitchcock’s Citizen Cane. All he wants is for someone to respond and tell him something he doesn’t already know.

Don’t be glum, aficionados! Just use your smartphone to log onto hicup and meet people with similar interests in your area!


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