link up with hicup free mobile app faq

What is hicup?

hicup is a smart social mobile app that let’s you find people in your neighborhood and beyond that share your interests connecting you with them one-on-one.

How does hicup work?

hicup makes it fun and easy to meet people simply based on what you share in common. Interested in meeting a “foodie” friend in your office building? It’s simple:

  • Create a simple profile based on your interests. You can be as broad as selecting “Food & Drink” or as detailed as adding in a specific interest, like “food trucks”
  • hicup sorts through its community and presents the nearest to farthest away of people that share common interests – hicup interests and specific interests
  • Our “link up” feature lets you chat with interesting people so you can connect through the app before you decide if you want to meet in person and hang out or if you simply want a “pen pal”
  • Browse for people by location and interests and discover “what they are interested in now”
  • Filter by age, location, gender, hicup interests and specific interests
  • Stay in touch and share links and photos within chat like recipes, interesting articles and new discoveries

How do I create a profile?

  • Create a username and password
  • Upload up to four photos
  • Choose from up to seven interests from 48 hicup interests ranging from “Food & Drink” to “Bird Watching”
  • Add specific interests like “food trucks” “NFL” or “The Simpsons”
  • Create a simple profile based on your interests and fill in “what I am interested in now”
  • You can update and change your profile at anytime

Do I have to connect with social sites like Facebook, Twitter and foursquare?

No. hicup is totally private. We understand you may not want to share the same information you share with friends and family with someone you don’t know yet. On hicup you can share as much or as little information as you want too. If you like to connect with us you can find us on Twitter and Facebook

There is nobody nearby who shares my interests, what do I do?

hicup is a rapidly expanding community. As we grow you can still meet and connect with people who share your interests and chat with them within the app. hicup is a great way to meet a “pen pal” if there is no one nearby.

Will hicup always be free?

Yes, that is our plan. As we grow we will explore revenue opportunities like location-based marketing, advertising and other services that add value to the hicup community.

Do you screen profiles?

It is not necessary to screen profiles because they are based solely on your interests. We do approve photos uploaded to the app.