about link up with hicup free mobile app

We created hicup to give people the opportunity to meet new people and make friends, through shared interests, wherever you are.

As we grow, friendships change, people change, we move away, we have kids, we change jobs and people move on. How great would it be if we could tap modern technology to meet new people the old fashioned way?

Hi, we’re Julie and David, two close friends with a twenty-year history, and we’ve created a fun and easy way to meet new and interesting people through our app, hicup. Using mobile technology, hicup is based on the way we’ve always made friends – through what we share in common.

We believe hicup is the answer for meeting new people you’ll like – wherever you are in the world and whatever your interests – bringing you together. Want to find a mountain biking buddy in your neighborhood? Or maybe find a pen pal in London who shares your love for Theatre? hicup will help you make this connection!

Start a new friendship today, link up with hicup!